About John

john-haynes-model-ship-partsJohn Haynes is Britain’s leading professional maker of model ships. He has been building model ships commercially for the last 30 years and specialises in steel ships from 1860 to the present day. His careful, detailed work captures the power and magnificence of some of the finest ships to have been built over the last century or so.

John says his skills are entirely self-taught. “My father served on HMS Hood and used to make his own models. I have always loved ships and was an avid Meccano enthusiast as a child, which I suppose developed my dexterity”.

One of John's plansJohn undertakes scrupulous research before beginning a project. He works from original engineers’ plans kept at the National Maritime Museum’s archive. He also has many research contacts in America.

Hulls are made from glass fibre with metal-plated timber to simulate the decks. Many of the tiny fittings such as staircases and stanchions are photo-etched.

John’s work is exhibited in London’s National Maritime Museum, the Imperial War Museum and Science Museum in England and USS Missouri in Pearl Harbour. Many models are also in private collections, particularly in the United States.

ship hms gearing model

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