USS Gearing for sale

For Sale: USS Gearing DD710, an American Destroyer at 1/96 scale

USS Gearing DD 710, built by the Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock Co, Port Newark, New Jersey. Commissioned into the US Navy 3/5/1945. The model is built for this period in the ship's life.

USS Gearing was assigned to the 135th Division and became the Flag for Desron 68. She bombarded the Culebra Islands W.I. before the end of the Pacific war came. Decommissioned on July 2nd 1973.

The Gearing Class represented the pinnacle of USN Destroyer design at that period and carries numerous AA guns since aircraft represented the major danger to the ship.

The model is to the scale 1/96 [1/8" to 1ft] and has a hull length 48.8" long. The model is finished in Measure 22 camouflage, mounted on brass supports and displayed in a mahogony bound glass case.

Cost of model and delivery/export, by request.


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